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Todos Tango team is a group of dancers and friends, students of Baile de Barrio Dance Studio, established in Athens by Kostas Nikolaidis.  

Representing Tango Salon, they are mainly influenced by the maestros Miguel Angel Zotto and Sebastian Missé but also admire dancers like Gabriel Missé and all the others authentic espousers of Tango Salon. The team is continuously active in the Greek tango scene by organizing shows, milongas, and all kinds of Tango related events such as Milonga Los Niños de Barrio which was organised for 7 consecutive years, making it one of the longer lasting milongas in Athens and Milonga Caprichosa which was born out of the three women of Todos Tango group, in an attempt to underline the female contribution to Tango.

Their signature is the dedication to the principles and heritage of Tango Salon and the quality in what they deliver.

Since 2016, they have been organising Todos Tango Festival in Corfu. An international festival which was followed by great success thanks to all the maestros and participants who supported it. The main goal with this festival, is to pay the rightful tribute to all the sincere representatives of tango and to create a hospitable environment for the tangueros of the world to gather, dance and socialise through tango !

Baile de Barrio

Baile de Barrio Dance Studio was founded by Kostas Nikolaidis in Athens in 2009, where Tango, Milonga and Tango Vals are being taught. Through the last years, many worldwide respectable and acknowledged maestros have visited for seminars such as Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero, Sebastian Missé and Andrea Reyero, Analía Centurión, Pablo Moyano and Roberta Beccarini. Baile de Barrio’s cooperation with these maestros is regular, consistent and made of respect.

Milonga Los Ninos Del Barrio

Milonga Los Ninos del Barrio, was organised for 7 years in the row, making it one of the longer lasting milongas in Athens. It has been one of the most acknowledged milongas all over Greece since, throughout all these years, all tango students and tango instructors in Athens, have made their appearance in the  beautiful, glass roofed Malvazia Bar-Restauran that used to host the event.

Milonga Caprichosa

Caprichosa, was born out of the three women of Todos Tango group, in an attempt to underline the female contribution to Tango.

Sensitivity, hospitality, sensuality and inventiveness made Milonga Caprichosa, though it’s young age, one of the most unique milongas organised in Athens, attracting people from all over the world. “

KLIMAKA is a non- governmental, non-profit organization, legally established in 2000 in Greece. KLIMAKA develops and implements projects in the fields of mental health, social exclusion and human rights in several regions of Greece and abroad, while the organization also runs 21 Mental Health Units for the general population as well as specialized units for socially excluded population groups (persons with mental disorders, homeless, refugees and asylum seekers, Roma, victims of torture and violence etc).

ΚLIMAKA represents Greece in the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) while the organization also represents the Telepsychiatry Scientific Section of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association.

The cooperation between Baile de Barrio and “KLIMAKA” started at the beginning of this year. It is multilateral and is considered pioneering for the Greek standards.
An ongoing project of giving tango lessons to the groups of people supported by KLIMAKA offers new perspective of artistic expression and communication to the participants. Complementary to this project is the weekly production of broadcasts through KLIMAX PLUS RADIO by Kostas Nikolaidis with tango music and stories. Last but not least are the individual informative broadcasts that discuss the issue of tango and mental health under the custody of the psychiatrist and tanguero, Nikos Marketos.

TODOS TANGO FESTIVAL supports and extends this initiative. KLIMAKA will be with us throughout the festival so that people will have the chance to get acquainted with it’s actions. Furthermore, members of KLIMAKA will display and sell within the festival’s venues small, handmade by them, artifacts, souvenirs of TODOS TANGO FESTIVAL. All proceeds from this action are to KLIMAKA’s benefit.