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Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero

One of the most significant couples in the history of tango Argentino worldwide.
Miguel Angel Zotto, along with his extraordinary and talented partner, Daiana Guspero

Sebastian Missé and Andrea Reyero

Two of the most recognized ambassadors of Argentine tango culture, dancers, choreographers, teachers and references in the world of tango internationally.

Gabriel Missé and Maru

Having been characterized by NY TIMES as the Baryshnikov of Tango”, Gabriel Misse is well known for his grace, unique style and authentic classical Argentine Tango dance.

Stella Missé and Kostas Nikolaidis

An artist from Argentina and an artist from Greece meet for the second time this summer to elaborate on the very essensce of tango, the embarace of people, nations and cultures.

Our Guest Artists

Vaggelis Hatzopoulos and Marianna Koutantou

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Loukas Balokas and Georgia Priskou

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Raphael Passaquay and Danae Zevgadina

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Our talented DJs!

Dj Marketos

Dj Emilio

Dj Trifon

Dj Patricia

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