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Trifon Hiouteas

Trifon made his first entry into the tango world in 2005 in Athens. Ever since he has been exploring tango in all of it’s aspects, dance, music, history and teaching.
He has been active as a dj since 2008 and he is now considered one of the best tango djs in Greece. He is the resident dj of Milonga Los Ninos del Barrio but he gets invited to play in most milongas in Athens and all over Greece and to many festivals and other tango events where well played music is a must. His deep knowledge and understanding of the tango music guarantee the quality of his work while his sensitivity and aspiration add the magic touch necessary to make the atmosphere of a milonga and the desire of the dancers to step into the dance floor, take off.

For the last seven years he is a student of Kostas Nikolaidis at Baille del barrio Dance Studio but he has also followed systematically the teachings of Silvio Lavia, Sebastin Misse and Miguel Angel Zotto. Since 2013 he has been teaching on his own the beginners class of Baile del Barrio. His knowledge on tango has been enhanced by his participation in many festivals where he came in touch with even more renowned maestros of Tango Salon such as Javier Rrodriguez, Garbiel Misse and many others.

Trifon is dj constantly aware of the dancers’ needs and undoubtedly capable of responding to them in a unique way. Most of all he is an authentic tanguero on his own.

Nikos Marketos

Nikos has been a tango dj since 2003. During his encounter with the world of Tango, he has contributed in many ways to the tango society.

As a dj, he has played in the most popular milongas such as Diavlos, Broadway Theater, Athenais, Baille del Barrio, Alsos, Café Polis, Malvazia, Milonga Caprichosa, but also in national and international festivals such as TangoGreece Festival Athens Badminton, Athens Tango Acropolis Festival, Sunny Tango Festival, Preveza Tango Events, Limassol Cyprus International Festival, and he has been loved by the crowd. From 2006 until 2010 he was the regular dj at “Bandoneon Restaurant” and from 2010 until 2013, had been the organizer of “Milonga La Shusheta”.

He has also wrote certain scientific articles on Tango, such as “TANGO: AN ALLEGORY FOR LIFE” and ” THE UNIVERSALITY OF TANGO: ARCHETYPES RITUAL AND SUBLIMATION”.

Emilio, El Fueye

Emilio is an international Dj from Genova, Italy. He has learnt the musicalizador art in Buenos Aires where he often travels and lives for long periods. He has been Djing over 150 Festivals and smart events during the last 7 years in Argentina, Belgium, Greece, Hong Kong, Russia, UK, and ofcourse Italy.

His maestros/references are: Mario Orlando, Hector Benedetti, Marcelo Guaita.

Tango Salon “Big Fives” are always in his tandas: D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Pugliese, Tanturi, Troilo

Dj Patricia, “ La Tipica Mujer ”

Her great love for the music of Astor Piazzolla through her childhood years, sparked her interest in tango and it’s music. She started as a tango dancer in 2004 and her love of tango led her to start playing tango music in 2009, after she had collected a large source of music material. Her intensive contact with tango music, continuously leads her to an ongoing search of rare orchestras and versions of songs.

She has played in most milongas in Athens, in various festivals in Greece, in a tango marathon in Rome and she also was for 2 years, the resident dj of an Athenian milonga. Her choices mainly are from “tipica” orchestras of the Golden Age of tango and before. It’s particularly challenging for her to experiment with different orchestras in the same tanda. She plays between a dynamic and sentimental mood and her aim in the selection of every tanda, is to transmit the energy created by the music into a unique dancing experience.