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Tangueras and tangueros from all over Europe met in June 2016 on the island of Corfu and experienced for a whole week the magic of tango.

Beautiful milongas where the dancers would respect the dance line, exceptional performances in Achilleion Palace, high quality lessons and a warm atmosphere transformed these seven days into an unforgettable journey to the era of tango.

The living heritage of tango was there, Miguel Angel Zotto with his gifted partner Daiana Guspero and along with them Anibal Lautaro with Valeria Maside, a unique couple of wonderful teachers and dancers, Pablo Moyano with Natalia Cristobal Rive, a sensual couple full of tango energy,  Kostas Nikolaidis with Vassia Thanopoulou a Greek talented couple that took everybody by surprise and YOU, the participants who took the risk to join a young festival and -we believe- were rewarded.

So were we!

Todos Tango Festival 2016 was a huge success from every aspect and this success will trigger more!!!!