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Project Description

Loukas Balokas and Georgia Proiskou went together to their first tango class in 2000.Since then and until today their life is bound to this dance.They constantly work with some of the most important tango teachers and staying in Buenos Aires for a long time played a leading role in their dancing culture and evolution.

After years of practicing and exploring the fields of improvisation and choreography,they have developed a personal style , toying with the classical as well as the modern forms, mixing them.

Their teaching is based on the understanding of the basic dancing elements, trying to provide their students the necessary tools to create their own dance through an entertaining method.They emphasize not only the technique , but they also help their students to understand the general philosophy and culture of what they see.

Loukas and Georgia are considered to be one of the couples mainly responsible for the distribution and establishment of the tango community around Greece. Georgia is also one of the first Greek tango DJs, still playing music in several milongas and festivals. For more than 10 years they teach in the major Greek cities,maintaining a regular student basis in their own tango studio, in Athens (Tangofix).At the same time they participate in important festivals in Europe and Asia.Every year they present their work in several workshops,inside and outside country, while they appear in many theaters , as members of different dancing companies.