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Project Description

Sebastián Missé and Andrea Reyero are two recognized ambassadors of Argentine tango culture, dancers, choreographers, teachers and references in the world of tango internationally.
They express with passion, emotion, tradition and innovation an elegant and precise style of dance, which is characterized by great virtuosity, without losing the essence of tango, which places them among the most talented and famous couples in the world of Argentine tango for twenty two years.
They are acclaimed by the real tango dancers from Buenos Aires “Los milongueros” and by the general public.
Andrea dance from an early age, at eight years old, where she integrates el Ballet del Trébol on the province of Santa Fé (Argentina), she dances folk dances and tango in countries like Argentina, US, Italy, Spain and Israel. It is in the milonga of Sin Rumbo where she meets and learns with great masters milongueros.
Sebastián Missé is a member of a famous family and renowned tango dancers with great tradition dating back more than twenty nine years.
Sebastián and Andrea have performed in many international festivals, with dance companies, in theaters, television shows, movies and milongas around the world with artists like Roberto Goyeneche, Alberto Castillo, Jorge Valdez, Osvaldo Ribo, Alberto Podesta, Virginia Luque, Nestor Fabian, Guillermo Fernandez, Raul Lavie, Hugo Marcel and Julio Iglesias, Julian Plaza orchestra, Oscar Basil orquesta, Color tango orchestra and more…
They created in Paris the most prestigious Argentine Tango Academy where they have been transmitting the essence of Argentine tango culture for the last fifteen years.