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At one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in Peloponnese, in enchanting Kiparissia and adjacent to the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, you will find  Kyparissia Blue, with rooms and suites offering luxurious accommodations for your comfortable stay in this splendid coastal area of ​​Greece .

The rooms and suites are surrounded by a wonderful garden with trees and colorful flowers.


All rooms and suites are spacious, contemporary, fully equipped, dressed in fine fabrics and superb color schemes while all offer air conditioning, telephone, large flat screen TV, mini fridge, hairdryer and free internet connection throughout the premises. Each room has a furnished terrace with sunshade. All balconies and terraces have a wonderful garden & sea view.
In addition to the private pool, immediately in front of Kyparissia Blue there is also a sandy beach with crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea.
Learn more at www.kyparissiablue.com

La Stampa is 100% Greek and since 1986 designs and produces unique, “easy to wear” clothes for women.

La Stampa uses eco friendly, soft fabrics and natural threads to create unique designs with love and respect for every type of body.

Lines are body friendly and clothes are design items that follow the busy and eclectic woman 24/7 with comfort and style.
Besides having 8 exclusive shops in Athens, Kalamata, Larisa and a continuously developing retail net, La Stampa loves to travel the world and is currently having presence in fashion markets as USA, UK, France, Italy and Sweden as well as Norway, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Canada and Australia, while is currently in negotiations with a high end retail chain in China.

The Hellenic Physical Society (Ε.Ε.F.) is a non-profit Scientific Society, founded in 1930, that represents the Greek scientists of Physics, of Physics Technologies and Physics of Communication.

It also organises and supports competitions, rewards, conferences, meetings, as well as events of cultural and social character.

Hellenic Physical Society (E.E.F.) has been a member of MASAD (Mediterranean Association for Science Advancement and Dissemination) since August 2007, who promotes Science and Technology dissemination in the Mediterranean area.

Pavlidis Estate is situated in the region of Drama, in northern Greece.

The aim of Pavlidis Estate is the production of premium wines, with pleasing aroma and flavor characteristics but also with a distinct and recognizable character.

It is their strongest belief that wine personality is ultimately connected to the vineyard and brings with it the hallmark of the soil where the vines roots, the climate of the region and the characteristics of the grape variety. Modern viticultural practices ensure optimum berry ripening while state-of-the-art winemaking technology faithfully reproduces the organoleptic characters originating in berry cells by ensuring a perfect extraction of the grapes’ aromatic and flavor virtues

Key people is a specialized team, ultimately trained, that offer unique private dinning services. They organize everything, plan every little detail and prepare great events that you will always remember!

Close your eyes, dream…and let your dreams guide you at the Key People – they have the knowledge and the power to make your dream come true.

The bar restaurant MALVAZIA was created in 2002.
A forgotten from time space, it took again form, color and aesthetics that easily refers in the castle of Monemvasia.
In this space where was lented his name by perfume of wine, have lived and are living the opinion, the pleasant moments, the flavours, the melodies…

For more than sixteen years MALVAZIA accepted visits of popular persons from the space of art, policy and economy.Today that the times are difficult, the most excellent quality of its dishes does not accept no change but the prices have changed in the most accessible cost.


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