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Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018 ~ 30.05-03.06 will take place at the area of Keramikos.
Keramikos (Greek: Κεραμεικός, pronounced [ce.ɾa.miˈkos]) also known by it’s latinized form Ceramicus, is a vibrant area of Athens, located to the northwest of the Acropolis. In the ancient times it was the potters’ quarter of the city, from which the English word “ceramic” is derived, and was also the site of an important cemetery and numerous funerary sculptures erected along the road out of the city towards Eleusis. Nowadays it is a neighborhood of many contrasts where the visitor will come across creative restaurants, interesting neo-tavernas and authentic ethnic hangouts, alternative music scenes or small theaters and impressive clubs and concert halls. 

“From every aspect Keramikos is an area very much alive that cradles art, culture and creativity”

The newly built multi storey building of ‘Gazi Music Hall’ fully equipped with modern facilities, which is located in the area of Keramikos will be the central venue where Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018 will be hosted. Only a few minutes walk from the metro station of Keramikos, next to the legendary street “Iera Odos” and with the shadow of Acropolis careshing it, it makes the ultimate location for a big international festival.

A breathtaking rooftop with direct view to the Acropolis and panoramic view of Athens and Piraeus will accommodate the milongas of Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st of May. Entrance: 7-13 Iera Odos Str.

The central stage of the same building – aka “Gazi Live” – will make the perfect scenery for the Gala milongas of Friday the 1st, Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of June. Entrance: 7-13 Iera Odos Str.
Last but not least, the workshops will be held in two halls of the same building. The entrance for the workshops is at 6 Voutadon Str.

Baile de Barrio Dance Studio is conveniently located at the central neighborhood of Athens known as Gazi, a few meters away from the metro station of Keramikos. Founded by Kostas Nikolaidis under the perspective of being a tango school it has more than 100 square meters of wooden floor ideally constructed to accommodate the needs of the dance. The school will accommodate the new beginners workshops of Todos Tango Festival Athens 2018.

Through the last years, many worldwide respectable and acknowledged maestros have visited repeatedly for seminars and a long series of milongas have also been successfully organized in it. The school has a strong tango atmosphere and energy.

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